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Technical writers are the bedrock of the success of technology-inclined companies. Irrespective of the level of innovation that goes into your firm, you need the expertise of a tech writer to demystify complex technical jargon to an easy-to-read and highly comprehensible format for the end-users.

Whether you are looking to simplify confounding new technologies for public use or you want to create an engaging pitch deck to convince investors to fund your idea, you can trust us at LeadSEO to help you with your business objectives. Our certified technical writers assist companies in creating informative and marketing content that is easy to understand without being redundant or boring. 


Simplify your technical writing, accelerate your project's progress

The primary goal of technical content is to inform, educate or persuade key stakeholders to take the desired action. This ranges from investing in your crypto projects, developing your NFTs or setting up your smart contract project.

It doesn’t matter what your objectives are, our technical writers are versatile and highly experienced in creating technical documents. These include whitepaper, pitch deck, lite paper,  API documentation,  UI/UX writing in any crypto domain. We cover technical sub-niches such as Non-Fungible Token, DeFi, finance, gaming, and many more.

At LeadSEO, we’re highly committed to creating clear and concise technical documents by distilling complex ideas into easy-to-understand copies that trigger desired actions.

Let our highly experienced team help you generate documents that balance clarity with information. 

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Improve your project clarity with the help of expert technical writers

Are you struggling to share your ideas with different audiences?

Perhaps you are worried that your technical documents are not convincing enough to get investors on board or get the required funding?

We understand that you’ll need to disseminate your product ideas to different audiences  – from developers to investors, industry experts to final consumers. 

At LeadSEO, we’re experts at relating with multiple audiences. You only have to communicate your project ideas to us, and we’ll ensure to create documents that engage different target audiences without losing the original intention of your product.

Hire a tech writer at LeadSEO to gain access to a wide range of audiences.  

Expert Tech Writers in Multiple Industries

Hiring technical writers is often a complicated process, as every industry is unique. Thus, each niche requires the expertise of a tech writer with a background in that specific industry.

At LeadSEO, our technical writers have three primary areas of expertise; blockchain technical documentation, software technical specification and technical documents for the FinTech industry. 

With us, you can rest assured of hiring a technical writer with expertise in this niche. We ensure to dedicate technical documentation experts with backgrounds in the industry you are working on, to eliminate errors due to limited knowledge of the niche.

Let’s scope your project today to proffer the best solution.

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Achieve your business objectives with the help of LeadSEO certified Technical Writers

Defining your marketing objective is a critical component of a successful content marketing campaign.

At LeadSEO, our first task is to properly scope your project by defining your business objectives, identifying how your target market works and developing the technical content marketing strategy that best fits your project.

This enables us to develop laser-focused technical content with the relevant metric to make the most impact.

Whether you want to create brand awareness or need help with crafting promotional content for your technical projects, our technical writers are available to ensure that you achieve your project goals. 

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What we can help with as technical writers

Why Hire LEADSEO Technical Writers?

In-depth Research

The level of research that goes into creating technical documents often determines the success of that project.

At LeadSEO, we prioritize understanding the core aspects of each project before we delve in. That’s why we ensure to conduct an initial 1-on-1 interview with our clients before we accept to work on any projects.

The purpose is to understand your business objectives, know your target audience, discover industry trends and identify the top competitors. This empowers us with a pre-informed decision on how best to approach the project.

At LeadSEO, we are highly selective with the clients we work with. If your project doesn’t align with our core values, or we don’t have the manpower to deliver quality work, we will courteously decline the project and hope we have another opportunity to collaborate in the future. 

Industry Knowledge

You can rest assured that every project we accept to work on will be handled by a technical writer with industry expertise. Whether it’s blockchain projects, cryptocurrency, software development, or FinTech, we boast the industry knowledge, skills, and expertise to explicate complex terms and simplify them into a simple, clear, and concise format. This aids easy comprehension by the target audience. 


LeadSEO boasts a team of highly experienced technical writers. We’ve gathered expertise over years of working on complex projects, independently or as part of bigger teams. Thus, we have mastered the art of choosing the right words that communicate your project solutions without misleading audiences. Besides, we also offer technical consultations to support our clients and help clarify complicated issues.

Certified Technical Writers

We have a team of fully certified tech writers from reputable universities and organizations. This includes Google, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, CasperLabs, and many more. We understand the importance of your project, and that explains why we continuously invest in courses and programs that boost our technical writing skills and expertise. 

Fast Delivery

Let’s be honest, we hate to take on urgent projects. Technical writing requires a lot of research and planning. Thus, we appreciate it better when our clients talk to us ahead of time. However, you can trust us never to miss deadlines whenever you hire us as technical writers. We know a delay can be costly especially with time-sensitive projects such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and others.