Copywriting Process

We know you are here because you are eager to check our copywriting process. How can I trust you to deliver outstanding copies that resonate with my target audience, promote my brand, and enhance my conversion rate optimization? Is that correct?

Website copywriting

Before we dive deep into our copywriting process, here is what our website copywriting does for your business: 

  • Capture your target audience’s attention, and appeal to their needs
  • Present an irresistible value your business offers
  • Establish a seamless relationship with the media components available on the webpage 
  • Create a natural flow that guides your target audience to take the desired action

Our overarching goals are to increase your organic traffic through SEO Copywriting, improve lead generation, optimize sales conversion and boost customer retention. 

Now that our deliverables align with your expectations, let’s jump straight to our copywriting process: 

Step 1: Getting To Know You and Your Business

Have you ever tried to hire a copywriter for your business, and the first thing they asked for was your budget? How did that sound to you? Yes, we also like to cut the chance, but at least we try to meet you and your business beyond what you have in the job description. Thus, we have prepared an expertly crafted questionnaire that probes into the soul of your business. Who are you? What are your underlying motivations? What is the story behind your brand? 

These details help us determine your brand voice and how to convey it eloquently through the copy. We apply the information about your philosophy, values, and inspiration to humanize the document and ensure it is logically and emotionally balanced for your target audience’s appeal. However, we understand that you might be busy or flow better with voice conversation. In that case, you can book a one-on-one session with our expert website copywriter.

Step 2: The Copywriting Brief

We like simplicity. That’s why we approach this step with a guide question – What do you hope to achieve with the intended copy? 

To generate the answer to the guide question, our copywriters derive a relevant summary from your correspondences, either from filling out a questionnaire or via a video/phone call. We then prepare a brief of our conversation and request you to vet it to ensure that we are on the same page. 

B2B Coywriting
business goals

In-depth knowledge of your market, your competitor, and buyers’ personas will help us create laser-target copy that grabs the attention of your ideal customers. No good copywriting is made for everyone. When you target everyone, you end up with no one. A copy-for-all disconnects you from all. Your target customers won’t feel the writing is personalized for them, even when they appreciate the value it offers. This lack of emotional connection will deprive your copy of achieving its objectives. Our tested and trusted content marketing strategy seamlessly generates a buyer persona by defining an exact customer avatar of the target audience. Our typical buyer persona usually includes:

  • The Name/Role: Here, we state the name and define the avatar’s role in her business.
  • Challenges: Here, we state the avatar’s current challenges or pain points, which affect her performance negatively.
  • Solution: Here, we describe how your business can help the avatar improve her performance.

Step 4: Drafting an Outline

Next, we send you a content outline that showcases what we plan to do. You’ll have a look, make recommendations and vet it. As a roadmap, the system keeps us within the scope of the copy. It offers us a solid skeleton upon which we can flesh out the document. Particularly with large projects, the outline makes it easier for us to keep you updated at every copywriting stage.

Aside from making the writing process easier, outlines help us create a logical flow that links all parts of the copy, from the beginning to the last Call-to-Action.

Step 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is arguably the most critical part of any copy, irrespective of the niche. You have to get found first by the right people to stand a chance of making sales. You can agree that everything you hope to achieve with copywriting depends on your target customers finding your page in their Google, Bing, or search engine results. Even the most elegant copies won’t rank high on Google search if the copywriter fails to integrate the SEO best practices. From our experience in copywriting over the years, we have mastered leveraging on-page, off-page, local and technical SEO to boost your organic ranking.

Our SEO strategies include the following:

  • SEO Auditing: For existing businesses that want to revamp their website and boost organic ranking, we perform comprehensive SEO auditing to diagnose all the issues regarding on-page, off-page, local and technical. 
  • Keyword Research: Here, we determine the focus words used in the industry by your target audience when they conduct searches. Also, we compare similar or related keywords for businesses that thrive on trends to see their recent trends. Here, we also probe our selected keywords based on relevance, traffic potential, keyword difficulty, search volumes, and intent.
  • Meta elements: The meta title, meta description, alternative text for images, and other aspects, to a significant extent, influence organic ranking. Thus, we optimize the meta elements for your web pages for Google crawlers to index you on the first page and for internet users to click on your site first.

Step 6: First Draft

We use this stage of our copywriting process to build on the outline, following our cutting-edge and fail-proof SEO copywriting strategies. At this stage, we also infuse the keywords from our research.

Step 7: Proofreading and Editing

Our proofreading at this stage differs from what you probably know as proofreading. Here, we determine if the draft copy meets all our client’s expectations based on the summary we generated in Step 2 above. Once more, we proofread the draft while cross-checking if it offers an irresistible solution to the buyer persona’s challenges. We use this stage to check the sentence structures to ensure they convey the intended message to the target.

B2B Copywriting

Here, we simplify ambiguous sentences and reconstruct difficult ones. We also enhance the readability, improve the flow and ensure consistency regarding brand tone, voice, and style. We also ensure that the copy is socially and politically correct, applying a technique of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Step 8: Submission

This is the stage where we deliver the copy to you after polishing it to perfection in Step 7 above.

Step 9: Revision

Although we pride ourselves on delivering copies that beat your expectations, we know that sometimes you may request some adjustments in the delivery. We use this post-delivery revision to polish the copy once more to dazzle in the light you want.

Step 10: Hire a website copywriter 

The most fantastic thing about our winning copywriting process and strategy is its flexibility and ability to adapt to all kinds of copy with a bit of tweaking. The unscripted part of our strategy is our ever-reliable performance feedback from our clients. We constantly update our copywriting process with client feedback and upskill our copywriters to serve you best.

Care to redefine your website performance with copies that speak your target customers’ language? Get in touch with our team of website copywriters now.