Businesses want to be dominant and rank on SERP for their target audience queries.But FEW get content marketing right. They think having a great product and service is enough. How you position your brand, the voices, tones, and style have to resonate with your target audience too.Helping you get content marketing done right is what birthed LEADSEO. The aim is to help businesses grow organically through quality leads and proven SEO strategies.

About Our Copywriting Services

Creating website content and stuffing keywords is something anyone can do. A simple search for the best SaaS copywriter will return hundreds of results. But writing a copy that will resonate with your target audience to trigger their buy button is what separates cookie-cutter and low-baller writers.

At LEADSEO, we are copywriting experts and a service partner that helps businesses succeed in the highly competitive digital space. 

We make your brand into customers’ favorite: our processes, strategies backed by science, and decisions informed by metrics. With your good products or services, you can trust us to make your customer beg you to take their money.

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Our Story

Lead Soo story

Every business has its story. LEADSEO was created to solve customers’ problems with strategic content marketing.

LEADSEO began at a coffee meeting where our founders first met, sharing their experiences as freelancers. 

The first founder is a lead-gen expert who helps businesses reach more people with social media marketing and cold emailing. The second is a lifelong student of SEO who loves data and spends much of his time understanding SERP algorithms. The third is a wordsmith, a storyteller with over 250 clients, generating over $50M in sales from her content marketing strategy.

Our experiences and the challenges of working alone on projects sparked the idea:

“Why not create synergy by combining our skills, experience, and expertise to create a platform that will further help clients improve their return on investments without being over-reliant on paid ads?”

And LEADSEO was born.

Why collaborate with us for your next content marketing project?

Don’t trust us for our words; let’s show you how we do it. Check our portfolio to review our completed projects.

Nurtured by experience, motivated by solution

We have years of experience helping businesses increase their revenue with result-driven solutions. Your business needs more than a passion for succeeding. You need to outcompete competitors and generate more quality leads than bigger companies. We have had successes and failures, but this has helped us learn how to be more successful.

A customer-centric approach to work

LEADSEO is committed to meeting business needs with a B2B marketing strategy with a combined B2C AND D2C sales approach. 

We focus on the end-users. Our success lies in understanding your customer pain points and positioning your product as the solution. We help you satisfy your customer needs so you can focus on making great products and services.

Value for money

We know that investing everything in a project can be frustrating with nothing to show. That’s why we are very selective about the projects that we take on. We want to help you maximize your revenue with our copywriting service.

Schedule a meeting with us to see if we are a perfect match for you.

Scientifically backed, market-driven and result-oriented

We subject every metric and data analytics to scientific research to find the perfect way to integrate the result of our experiment into your business’s success.  Check out our copywriting processes to see our comprehensive approach.

Boost your business

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